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Nogueira Rivelli Irmaos Ltda was founded in 1985 with a vision to provide an exceptional, comfortable and tailor-made experience for our customers. We believe in quality and craftsmanship, which is why we are committed to deliver the best value.

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We believe that great products which combine to deliver a complete experience should always be top sellers on the market. Every item on our list embodies the Everyman brand and goes beyond delivery expectations. We're the best exporter of Frozen Chicken you can trust with your family’s safety, security, and confidence.


Top Brazil Chicken Exporter

For over three decades, Nogueira Rivelli Irmaos Ltda has produced healthy, high-quality Chicken products that go into some of the world’s finest recipes. Working with approximately over 4,000 Chickens farms throughout the Brazil and Mexico, we are dedicated in providing high-quality products at a great value with the best market prices,As the second-largest chicken producer in Brazil our Company has given birth to 6 new companies all using same Approved SIF Number of our Company to process more than 34 million birds per week for a total of more than over 7 billion pounds of live chicken annually.


To be the best in all we do, completely focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services to our customers, a relationship of trust with our suppliers, profitability for our shareholders and the opportunity of a better future for all of our team members.


Be relentless. Deliver superior results. Adopt a sense of urgency. Make things happen.


Be practical. Focus on what is important. Adopt a hands-on approach. Avoid bureaucracy.


Be receptive and open. Always be prepared and motivated to take on new challenges.


Listen. Be helpful and thoughtful. Act with respect. Prioritize the team over yourself. Value the opinion of others.


Be direct, truthful and transparent. Respectfully express opinion. Know how to say no, but be positive and offer solutions.


Be punctual. Fulfill commitments. Deliver results. Do not make excuses. 


Be committed to results. Focus on details. Take responsibility.

                                                                 The different types of frozen chicken parts that we supply are:

                                                                   A. Whole chicken. Please indicate the size that you want.
                                                                   B. Chicken leg quarter/Chicken whole leg
                                                                   C. Chicken drum stick
                                                                   D. Chicken thigh
                                                                   E. Chicken boneless leg
                                                                   F. Chicken paw
                                                                   G. Chicken wing tips
                                                                   H. Chicken 2 joint wing
                                                                    I. Chicken whole leg boneless with skin on
                                                                    J. Chicken feet
                                                                   K. Chicken gizzards
                                                                   L. Chicken wing middle joint
                                                                   M. Chicken inner fillet middle half cut
                                                                   N. Chicken boneless and skinless breast without inner fillet
                                                                   O. Chicken half breast boneless and skinless without inner fillet
                                                                   Q. Chicken head
                                                                   R. Chicken back
                                                                   S. Chicken front
                                                                   T. MDM

Top 10 Main Export Market:

– Direct Chicken Export To China
           – Direct Chicken Export To Hong Kong
  – Direct Chicken Export To Canada
 – Direct Chicken Export To Europe
    – Direct Chicken Export To America
– Direct Chicken Export To Japan
            – Direct Chicken Export To South Korea
     – Direct Chicken Export To Thailand
        – Direct Chicken Export To Singapore

Contact us for the best quality of halal whole frozen chicken, chicken feet, chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken breast and other. 

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